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Science Fiction | Writing

Yes, I have delusions of writing SF myself. I won't bore you with any of my efforts (and besides, from what I understand, posting my work here would count as "First Publication").

2/9/2009: Oh, cool. I got an Honorable Mention in the Writer's of the Future Contest. No money, and only the fame that you see here, but it is some small measure of accomplishment. Yay Me! (Oh, I wiped my real name off the image to preserve my "anonymity" so that nothing I put up here will turn up if someone were to Google me.)

Books on Writing

  • Writing to Sell, Scott Meredith
    He was the head of his own literary agency for decades; he provides solid advice on writing and getting published.

  • How to Write Best-Selling Fiction, Dean R. Koontz
    Solid writing advice, but very hard to find. My library had lost all but two of the twenty copies listed in its computer. It was out of print, last I knew. I found one used copy on the internet--$250. Try your library; I had to wait two months, but it was worth it.

Web Sites
A great site, well organized and full of links to other resources. Be sure to check out the Writers Notebook.

Sci-Fi Arizona
An interesting site by an author (Michael McCollum) who is publishing his works via the internet. He had books in print via the traditional method (Del Rey) but grew unhappy with the way publishers work today. He used to post monthly articles on writing science fiction, and these are still available on the site.

Locus Magazine
Locus calls itself the newspaper of the science fiction field. I'd say that's accurate.