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Cars | 1970 Cougar XR7

I was with my mother when she bought a new 1970 Cougar XR7. Eventually, the Cougar became my first car. I did a lot of work on the car: black paint with green pearl, Crager SST's, bigger anti-sway bars, and a bunch of stuff to the engine.

Once, and only once, in the wee hours of the morning, on a newly paved 4-lane highway, I got it up to 145. By the time it slowed back down to 55 (the speed limit then) it seemed like you could make better time walking.

I sold the Cougar in the early 90's to a nice older guy who liked Fords. I don't think he was the type to wrap a car around the first available tree (I ran out of places to store it, and just didn't have the time or money to work on it anymore).

In 1984, I bought a great little Datsun B210 4-door for $300.  It had some rear-end damage and needed brakes, a window in the driver's door, and a taillight.   A trip to an auto parts store and junk yard, along with the judicious use of a hammer, acetylene torch, and bungie cords, had the car ready to go.
Unfortunately, this car and I encountered some black ice just as we were pulling onto the freeway.  I had to kick one of the rear doors open to get out.  A federal Marshal (yes they do exist outside of Gunsmoke) saw the mishap and drove me back into town--on roads with not a trace of ice or snow.

I've worn my seat belt ever since.